Schizanthus pinnatus
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Poor Man's Orchid "Multicolor" (mix) - Schizanthus pinnatus.
Annual plant up to 45 cm tall. Numerous flowers are collected in apical racemose inflorescences. More often grown in seedlings, sowing from February to April.
Direct sowing in open ground - in April-May or August-September, then cut out and leave for the winter at low positive temperatures and good illumination.
In the spring, they are planted in pots with a diameter of 20-30 cm, and with the onset of warm weather, they are placed on open terraces, near the walls on the sunny side.
The soil should be rich, loose and always moist.
Pinch young seedlings, tie the main stem to a peg. Flowering begins in May and lasts until September.
When sowing in February, 1-2 picks are made and transplanted into the ground when the danger of frost has passed. In this case, flowering will occur only in early July.
Prefers open, sunny locations and rich, well-drained soil. Does not tolerate dry air and soil. Used in flower beds and vases.

Eng.: Butterfly Flower, Poor Man's Orchid. Suom.: Loistoperhoskukka. Sven.: Prunkfjärilsblomster, fattigmansorkidé.

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