Impatiens walleriana L.
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Buzzy lizzy "Athena Appleblossom" F1 (Balsam) - Impatiens walleriana.
An excellent hybrid variety with double inflorescences.
The plants are annual, unpretentious, up to 25-30 cm tall, forming a lush bush. The flowers are large. Flowering is abundant and long throughout the season.
Impatiens balsamina grow well in partial shade. They prefer light, fertile soils. Quite moisture-loving, but cannot tolerate excessive waterlogging.
Propagated by seeds, sowing is carried out in March-April in seedling boxes. The crops are covered with a 3 mm layer of damp sand and maintained at constant humidity, for which the container is covered with glass and placed in a well-lit place. Shoots appear in 14-20 days.
After emergence of seedlings, the humidity of the substrate and air must be reduced by removing the cover glass. Seedlings 1 cm high, dive into pots one plant at a time.
Plants are placed on the open balcony in mid-May. Can be grown as a houseplant.
Has proven itself well in professional landscaping.

Bot. syn.: Impatiens sultani Hook.

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