Impatiens walleriana
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Buzzy lizzy "Athena Orange Flash" F1 - Impatiens walleriana.
Terry hybrid for garden and home.
Plant height 25-30 cm. Flower diameter 4-5 cm. This popular houseplant is increasingly grown as an annual.
The new compact, hybrid series "ATHENA" F1 is distinguished by an unusual variegated color of large (up to 5 cm) double flowers and abundant flowering.
Thanks to this, the impression of a colorful carpet is created. For a long time, the flowers do not fall off and retain their decorative effect.
The series is perfect for the garden - plants bloom continuously and look elegant all season. Bushes look great in containers.
Plantings can be placed even in fairly dense penumbra, as the plants are undemanding to lighting.
In such conditions, the color of the flowers is even brighter than in the sun. It is not recommended to plant balsam in windy places.
Plants in autumn can be transplanted into pots and grown indoors or stored until spring, followed by planting in the ground.

Eng.: Buzzy lizzy. Suom.: Ahkeraliisa. Sven.: Flitiga lisa. Bot. syn.: Impatiens sultani Hook.

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