Calendula officinalis L.
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Calendula "Pink Surprise".
Hardy Annual.
Flowers: Summer.
Height: 24 inches.
Position: Full Sun.
Ideal For: Bedding, Border.
Germination: Easy.
Aftercare: Easy.
Amongst fiery orange and yellow flowers appears a surprise - delicately ruffled, soft orange blooms with a delightful and unique tinge of pink. Wonderfully easy to grow in the border or containers, naturalising if required and a delightful cut flower too. Flowers summer. Height 45-60cm.
Sowing Instructions:
Best sown in spring where they are to flower or late summer/early autumn for overwintering. Sow 1cm deep in rows 30cm apart in well cultivated soil which has been well raked.
For winter/early spring flowering pot plants in a cool greenhouse or conservatory, sow in late summer/early autumn.
Growing Instructions:
Thin out the seedlings to 23 cm apart. They will grow in sun or part shade and in the poorest of soil.

Calendula Pink Surprise Saialill
Calendula, garden marigold, marygold. Calendula officinalis L.

A real miracle in the world of plants with extraordinary colors!
The pure pink color for this plant is really a surprise...
Calendula is a cold-resistant and light-loving annual that prefers moderate watering and open sunny places (however, it also feels good with some shading).
To make the plant bushy, pinch the tops of young shoots.

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