Calendula officinalis
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Calendula "Radio" - Calendula officinalis.
A popular unpretentious plant from the Astrov family. Blooms from June to September. Plant height 50-70 cm. Abundant and long-lasting flowering, especially when dead inflorescences are removed. Inflorescences are radiant, double, orange in color.
Calendula is photophilous and prefers light soils, cold-resistant - withstands up to -5 ° C.
Propagated by direct sowing into the ground. Seeds are sown in spring or before winter, shoots appear in 7-10 days, after a while they are thinned out at a distance of 20 cm. It blooms 50-60 days after sowing.
Used to decorate the site and get a cut.

Eng.: Garden marigold, marygold. Suom.: Kehäkukka. Sven.: Ringblomma, solsocka.

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