Eschscholzia californica
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California poppy "Mission Bells" (double mix) - Eschscholzia californica.
Delicate petals are corrugated, so as a result, their overall appearance looks super lush and luxurious.
It is very loved by gardeners for its unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation, since aescholzia is grown without seedlings.
Despite any whims of our northern summer, it always looks great!
Eschsholzia is suitable for both flower beds and border plantings. A little tip: plant escholzia paired with Potentilla - the visual effect is simply amazing!
Moreover, Potentilla does not have to be yellow, you can take white or red varieties ...
In balcony boxes, Escholzia also produces impressive flowering results from early summer to late autumn.
California poppy (Eschscholzia) is sown in open ground in April (when the snow is already starting to melt) or in mid-October (before a frosty crust forms on the soil).
Eschscholzia has a powerful and well-developed root system that penetrates deep into the soil, so it does not need frequent watering, which makes this beauty so desirable for gardeners.
Soils must be well-drained, ideally neutral (pH 6).
Due to the dense and powerful root system, transplanting escholcia is given with great losses, so it is better not to risk flowers.
It also actively reproduces by self-sowing, so it will gradually fill more and more space around, therefore, if there is no need to increase the area of​ growth, remove the inflorescences from the bushes (cut off for bouquets) or remove the already formed seed pods.
When sowing before winter, cover the seeds with a thick layer of foliage so that the cold does not damage further development, then you will see the first flowers in May!

Eschscholzia californica

Kalifornia Läänemagun

Eng.: California poppy, gold poppy. Suom.: Tuliunikko, kaliforniantuliunikko. Sven.: Sömntuta. Bot. syn.: Eschscholtzia californica Cham., Eschscholzia mexicana Greene, Eschscholzia procera Greene.

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