Campanula alliariifolia L.
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White bellflower (ivory bells) - Campanula alliariifolia.
Vigorous, long-flowering and very beautiful perennial from the Campanulaceae family.
Origin: Caucasus and Asia Minor (among rocks in coniferous forests, in open bushes on steep slopes of river banks).
Bell-shaped white flowers are up to 5 cm long and 3 cm wide.
Flowering plant height: 40 cm.
Distance between plants: 30 cm.
Flowering: VII.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z7. Winter-hardy down to -35 °C.
In culture since the 19th century.
1.0 g = 3200 seeds.

A rare species in the culture of a popular, beloved perennial, rapidly expanding in width and having greyish pubescent foliage. Prefers well-drained, nutritious soils in both sun and partial shade.
Recommendations for sowing and care:
- in early May, sow superficially or lightly sprinkled with a thin layer of sand, avoiding thickening, in seedling ridges with loose, water and breathable soil, or on seedlings in March-April in sowing containers, seedlings usually appear after 10-12 days (winter crops can be spent in the second half of October in seedling boxes, digging them into the beds);
- ensure regular watering, loosening and shading from direct sunlight, if necessary, dive into a more nutritious soil;
- Plant the grown seedlings in a permanent place in the evening or in cloudy weather, shed well and mulch;
- in the spring, fertilize with a complete mineral fertilizer with trace elements; in the summer, it is advisable to add wood ash;
- at the end of flowering, cut off the vegetative mass and remove it from the site, it is useful to mulch the base of the bush with well-rotted compost;
- to maintain high decorativeness, it is desirable to divide the bush for 4-5 years.

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