Campanula glomerata var. alba
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Clustered Bellflower "Alba" (Schneekrone, Dane's-Blood) - Campanula glomerata var. alba.
Original cut flowers! One of the best rockery decorations.
Unpretentious, frost-resistant, drought-resistant perennial, blooming from late May to August.
Natural habitats: Europe, Caucasus, Iran.
The whole plant is in a pleasant soft pubescence about 30-40 cm high. White flowers are collected in an apical capitate inflorescence up to 7 cm in diameter.
Blooms profusely in June-July 30-35 days. After flowering, the stems die off along with rosettes of basal leaves, but before that, many new rosettes form.
Used for rocky slides, curbs, cutting.
Prefers fertile, loose, well-drained soils, thrives well in both open and shaded areas.
Propagated mainly by seeds. 1.0 g = 8100 pieces.
Seeds can be sown in autumn or spring in the ground or in greenhouse boxes. At a temperature of + 18 + 22 ° C shoots appear in 20-25 days.
Seedlings quickly bush, so they are planted in the soil at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other (they bloom in the second year).
Further care consists in weeding, loosening and watering. Watering is required only during prolonged heat. After flowering, the plants are pruned.
Sowing: seeds are sown in February-March for seedlings, or in autumn for seedling beds.
Seeds require preliminary stratification: sow seeds to a depth of no more than 0.5 cm, moisten from a spray bottle, cover with glass and place in a refrigerator (temperature + 5 + 7 ° C). Crops are kept under such conditions for 7-10 days, then transferred to room conditions. It is necessary to monitor the humidity of crops and ventilation. At a temperature of + 18 + 20 ° C, shoots appear on the 10-14th day.
Seedlings dive in the phase of 2-3 pairs of true leaves. If there is no germination, repeat the "cold-heat" method in the same sequence.
Seedlings dive into boxes after the appearance of the first true leaves. Seedlings are planted in open ground after 4-6 weeks.
Care: prefers sunny places or light partial shade with loose, non-acidic soil. Responsive to the introduction of lime. In one place it can grow 3-5 years.

Eng.: Clustered Bellflower, Dane´s-Blood, Dane's Blood, Dane's-Blood.

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