Dracocephalum botryoides
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Cluster Dragonhead - Dracocephalum botryoides.
Homeland: North Caucasus, alpine meadows.
An unpretentious and drought-resistant evergreen plant from the Lamiaceae family.
Perennial 10-15 cm tall. Forms mats. Leaves are up to 20 mm long, oval, toothed, slightly pubescent. The length of the corolla is about 12 mm.
Blooms in June-July with pink flowers. Requires a sunny place. A well-drained soil with some humus content is required.
During the growth period, it requires a sufficient amount of moisture. Seeds are sown in spring; at a temperature of +10+16 °C, seedlings appear within a month.
Bushes can be divided in early spring and cuttings can be taken in late spring - early summer.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4-Z8.
Foliage: gray-green, pinnate.
Soil requirements: average.
Use: for rock garden. A good honey plant.


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