Campanula trachelium var. flore pleno
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Throatwort (Nettle-leaved bellflower) - Campanula trachelium var. flore pleno.
A valuable find for amateur gardening and cutting.
Perennial from the Campanulaceae family.
Origin: selection of the species (the main species naturally grows in Europe, North Africa and Siberia in open forests and forest edges).
In culture since 2021.
Flower: semi-double.
Flower colour: violet-blue, light blue with shades of up to white.
Foliage: entire, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, serrated, green.
Flowering plant height: 80 cm.
Natural flowering period: July - September.
Soil requirements: dry, medium fertility. Prefers calcareous soils with the presence of grasses and shrubs.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 – Z9.
1.0 g = 5500 seeds.

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