Celmisia sessiliflora L.
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New Zealand Daisy - Celmisia sessiliflora.
Cushion perennial for rock garden.
Family: Asteraceae.
Origin: New Zealand.
Flower color: white.
Foliage: grey-green.
Natural flowering period: June - September.
Flowering plant height: 10 cm.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained.
Winter hardiness zones: Z6 - Z9.
1.0 g = 1550 seeds.

Homeland - New Zealand. South part. It grows at an altitude of 700-1800 m.
The leaves are narrow-linear gray-green, collected in rosettes, forming a dense open bush. Flowers sessile, 1-2 cm across, white, appear in summer.
Grows well in light partial shade on humus-rich soil. During the growing season, it requires constant uniform moisture, with good drainage, mulching is desirable. For the winter, protection from dampness and air-dry shelter is necessary.
Propagated by seeds sown immediately after harvest or in spring, as well as cuttings in late spring. During spring sowing, it is necessary to maintain a temperature not higher than +5 ° C, while germination is uneven and can take up to several months.
Exceptionally beautiful with white, daisy-like flowers with more or less prominent discs. There are a few varieties that grow at low elevations, but most are restricted to mountains where they form an important part of many plant communities.

New Zealand Daisy need very well aerated soil and require sufficient moisture during the growing season. Very responsive to regular spraying. When grown in a container culture, Celmisia are planted in soil consisting of compost with the addition of sand (about 1/3 part). For the summer, the pots are dug into the ground, for the winter they are transferred to a cold greenhouse, which provides the plants with maximum light and good air exchange.

New Zealand Daisy.

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