Tropaeolum peregrinum L.
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Canary nasturtium (Canary creeper).
Showy fast-growing annual herbaceous plant with exotic flowers and beautiful split leaves. Stems up to 250 cm long, light green. The leaves are small, five-seven-parted. The flowers are small, canary-yellow with corrugated petals and green spurs. Perfect for vertical gardening, a great decoration for arbours and trellises.
SOWING: seeds in May directly to a permanent place in the wells of three seeds. The seeding depth is 2 cm. At a soil temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear on the 20-25th day. For earlier flowering, it can be grown through seedlings. Sow in mid-April in 9 cm pots of 3 pieces. Seedlings appear in two weeks. Seedlings are planted only with an earthen clod at the end of May. The plant is thermophilic and light-loving, but also tolerates partial shade. Prefers moist, moderately fertile soils. Blooms in 90-120 days from sowing.
CARE: watering at the beginning of growth, and after flowering with a strong drying of the soil. Top dressing should be carried out only before flowering with an interval of 7-10 days with a solution of complex mineral fertilizer. Don't forget to provide support.
FLOWER: July to frost.

Eng.: Canary bird vine, canary bird flower, canary creeper.

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