Tropaeolum minus L.
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Dwarf nasturtium "Black velvet".
This compact nasturtium draws your attention with its bright, dark red flowers, but even in the absence of flowers, it will remain decorative and interesting, thanks to the juicy green colour of the foliage.
The plant forms a bush, up to 30 cm high, with flow rates (4-6 cm in diameter), fragrant flowers with one compact, rising in two leaves.
This nasturtium is perfect for growing in various borders, flower beds, flower pots or containers, it will perfectly decorate your balcony or loggia.
SOWING: in open ground at the end of May according to the recipe 15x20 cm or in pots 9 cm in diameter. Seeding depth 1.5 cm.
Prefers moderately fertile, light, well-drained soil. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in warm water (+40+45°C). Shoots through the clouds 14-20 days.
CARE: watering at the beginning, growth after flowering with a strong drying out of the area.
Topdressing is carried out only before flowering with an interval of 7-10 days with a solution of a complex of complex types of tobacco.
Attention! With the introduction of fresh food, excess nitrogen and moisture, the plants form a more powerful leaf apparatus, but they bloom later and worse.
FLOWER: June to frost.
1,0 g = 5-20 seeds.

Eng.: Nasturtium. Suom.: Pensasköynnöskrassi. Sven.: Buskkrasse. Bot.: Tropaeolum minus L.

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