Catharanthus roseus
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Periwinkle "Volcano Polka" F1 - Catharanthus rosea.
The plant grows up to 25–30 cm in height. The time from sowing to flowering plants is 8-10 weeks. The flowers have overlapping petals, intense colouration and a diameter of 5.5-6.0 cm.
The Volcano F1 series is very resistant to diseases and stress factors: plants tolerate heat, dryness and humidity well. They retain their normal flower size and high colour intensity even under extreme conditions. Ideal for use in various types of containers, as well as for planting in large beds.
Due to its strength and vitality, periwinkle has long been considered a plant with great vitality. This unpretentious plant will delight you with its flowering for many months, and its delicate flowers will become the pride of the garden.
Agricultural technology: for seedlings February-March. Seedlings must be kept for 10-14 days at a temperature of + 20 + 22 ° C. Then the temperature is lowered. Plants are planted in the ground in May, after frosts, the distance between plants should be 20-30 cm. It is not picky about the soil, but it grows better and blooms longer on fertile, loose, well-drained soils with a neutral reaction, for example, near the trunk circles of apple trees, pears and cherries. Further care consists of timely watering and fertilization. When grown at home, the duration of flowering can reach 10 months.

Igihali Vinca rosea

Eng.: Madagascar periwinkle. Suom.: Katara, punatalvio. Sven.: Rosensköna. Bot. syn.: Ammocallis rosea (L.) Small, Lochnera rosea L., Vinca rosea L.

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