Cicer arietinum L.
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Chick pea "Pascia" - Cicer arietinum.
It is an annual plant, erect stem 20-70 cm high, covered with glandular hairs. Leaves are pinnate. Pods are short, swollen, 1-3 seeds. Seeds look like the head of a ram or an owl, have a tuberculate-rough surface, color from yellow to black. The mass of 1000 seeds, depending on the variety, ranges from 150 to 300 g. Chickpea is a self-pollinating plant, pollination takes place in the phase of a closed flower.
1,0 g = 3-5 seeds.

Harilik kikerhernes (nuut, põishernes)

Harilik kikerhernes, nuut, ppõishernes

Eng.: Chick pea. Suom.: Kahviherne, "kikherne". Sven.: Kikärt (Garbanzoböna). Bot.: Cicer arietinum.

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