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Chicken droppings in granules.
If you don’t have birds in your summer cottage (not counting the rare crows and jackdaws that apply fertilizers pointwise and in insufficient quantities), then it is advisable to use the finished product that we offer you. This is dried chicken manure (hot method), which, unlike a natural product, does not contain harmful microorganisms and has a stable composition of macro- and microelements.
The range of application of industrially prepared organic fertilizer is much wider than that of the “original source”, since in such processed chicken manure you can even soak seeds before planting, water seedlings, apply to any type of soil in the spring, and feed plants throughout the entire growing season of plants.
Granulated chicken manure does not smell, it does not contain weed seeds, pest larvae and worm eggs, so it can be safely fertilized with all types of plants. In this form, it is immediately ready for use: granules can be applied to the soil in dry form (from 100 to 300 g/m2) or diluted with water.

Kanakaka graanulites Птичий помёт в гранулах

* Which bird excrement can be used as fertilizer?
Pigeon droppings.
This fertilizer has been familiar to gardeners for a long time. The rules for using pigeon droppings are the same as for chicken droppings. It cannot be used fresh, so it must be infused, soaked or composted. For fertilizer, it is advisable to use manure only from domestic pigeon coops, where the birds are fed natural grain mixtures. It is not advisable to use urban pigeon droppings (although they are readily available). The problem is that these birds feed mainly on garbage dumps, so their waste contains a huge amount of harmful substances.
Quail droppings.
It is believed that chicken manure is the most useful fertilizer. But that's not true. There are less common fertilizers, the effectiveness of which is superior to chicken droppings - this is the waste of quails. They are very economically profitable, since a bucket of manure comes out per bucket of feed. This natural excrement does not contain worm eggs, because the body temperature of quails is higher than that of chickens, as a result of which it even kills salmonellosis bacteria. Therefore, the eggs of these birds can be eaten raw. Quail droppings are less toxic than chicken droppings and contain more organic matter due to the feeding habits of these birds.
Goose droppings.
It has a different composition from chicken. This feature is due to the fact that the goose is a waterfowl, and its diet includes many different elements from plants from water bodies (mud, duckweed, etc.), which makes its droppings similar in composition to guano - the waste of seabirds.
It is healthier than chicken, as it contains more microelements and is more easily absorbed by plants. Macroelements are contained in this fertilizer in a different proportion than fertilizer obtained from chicken manure.
The differences in the use of bird droppings from different types of birds are insignificant: pigeon, goose and quail droppings are somewhat better in consumer qualities than chicken droppings, but it is almost impossible to buy them.

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