Callistephus chinensis
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Aster-chrysanthemum "Lilac Delight".
Chrysantella harmoniously combined the vitality and beauty of asters and chrysanthemums.
The plant is an annual plant, 60-80 cm high with a powerful thick stem, forms 10-15 second-order peduncles on one bush. The flowers are dense, large (12-15 cm in diameter), soft lilac in color, with a magnificent shape from hemispherical to spherical. The petals are scaphoid, rigid, curved upward. Not afraid of rain.
The high quality and density of flowers allows for professional cutting for bouquets.
Growing conditions.
Grown by seedlings. For flowering in August - September, seeds are sown in April - early May. Do not bury the seeds!
Germination at a temperature of +15+16 °C. Dive in the phase of 2-3 true leaves into separate pots. The optimal growing temperature is 14-16 degrees.
Seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of 40-50 days. Planting pattern: 15x20 cm. Plants require regular watering, weeding, loosening and fertilizing.

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