Clarkia elegans L.
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Elegant clarkia (mix of colours) - Clarkia elegans.
Great flowers for large groups. A plant with erect densely branched stems. The flowers are axillary, double, similar to miniature roses, of different colors.
On the branches, flowering goes from bottom to top. The plant is unpretentious to the soil, but grows better on light drained soil and in sunny places.
Does not tolerate fresh manure. Frost-resistant, moderately moisture-loving.
Use for planting in groups, flowerbeds, rabatki and for cutting. At a temperature of +15°C, the time from sowing to germination is 7-14 days (seeds are small: 1.0 g contains 3200-3600 pieces).
Sowing time: May.
Flowering time: July, August.
Planting method: open ground.
Plant height: 30-60 cm.
Distance between plants: 40 cm. Distance between rows: 20 cm.

Location: light-loving plants, fairly cold-resistant. Requires open sunny places.
Soil: Prefer dry, loose, fertile soils. Plants lie down on oily plants.
Care: normal - watering in dry weather and fertilizing every 2 weeks. Old flowers and ovaries are removed, which significantly prolongs flowering.
Reproduction: seeds that are sown in April in open ground or a semi-warm greenhouse.
Shoots dive in 3 seedlings in 9 cm pots and are kept in greenhouses before planting in the ground, which must be thoroughly ventilated.
Shoots appear in 10-14 days. Landing in the ground is carried out necessarily with a large wet clod of earth, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-25 cm.
Plant transplantation is easily tolerated only at an early age. Planted in a permanent place at the end of May, hardened plants are not afraid of light frosts.
To obtain compact, profusely flowering bushes, pinch the tops of young plants at a height of 12 cm, after which they branch well and are completely covered with flowers.
Usage: for group plantings, flowerbeds, flowerbeds and cutting. She is especially good in bouquets. You can cut off small branches, or pull out the whole plant.
Having cut off the roots and lower leaves, it is immediately put into the water. In the vases of the Clarkia, all the buds are blooming.

Clarkia elegans, Elegantne klarkia

Eng.: Elegant Clarkia, Garland Flower, Mountain Garland. Suom.: Klarkia, Komeasilkkikukka. Sven.: Clarkia. Bot. syn.: Clarkia unguiculata Lindl., Clarkia concinna.

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