Clarkia unguiculata
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White Elegant Clarkia (garland flower) - Clarkia unguiculata.
Great flowers for large groups.
An annual herbaceous plant with branched thin stems, 50-70 cm high. The leaves are oval, bluish-green, with red veins.
The flowers are white, located one at a time in the axils of the leaves, 3-4 cm in diameter. The flowers are axillary, double, similar to miniature roses, of different colours.
On the branches, flowering goes from bottom to top. The plant is unpretentious to the soil, but grows better on light drained soil and in sunny places.
Does not tolerate fresh manure. At a temperature of +15 ° C, the time from sowing to germination is 7-14 days. Flowering is plentiful from mid-summer to late autumn.
The plant is photophilous, rather cold-resistant, prefers open sunny places with dry loose soils. Excellent honey plant!
It is used for group plantings, flower beds, and for cutting.

Eng.: Elegant Clarkia, Garland Flower, Mountain Garland. Suom.: Komeasilkkikukka, klarkia. Sven.: clarkia. Bot. syn.: Clarkia elegans, Clarkia concinna.

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