Clematis vitalba L.
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Traveller's Joy (Old Man's Beard) - Clematis vitalba.
A bunch of pearly flowers! Lush bloom!
Vigorous climbing liana, up to 5 meters long. There are 250-1200 flowers on the shoot.
The plant is winter-hardy, shade-tolerant and unpretentious to growing conditions. Blooms profusely in June-July, re-flowering in August-September.
At the height of flowering, it is completely covered with a veil of snow-white stars. White, with a light cream shade, medium-sized flowers (2-2.5 cm in diameter) with numerous golden stamens exude a delicate light aroma. This is a magnificent decoration of arbors, pergolas, terraces.

Sowing: for seedlings - February-March. It is possible to directly sow seeds in open ground in May, after the disappearance of the threat of frost. 1.0 g = 425 seeds.
Sow rarely on the surface of moist compost, sprinkling the seeds with a thin layer of compost. Cover with plastic wrap to retain moisture. The optimum temperature for seed germination is +15+20 °C.
In a permanent place, plants are planted after the threat of frost has disappeared or in the fall. When planting in a permanent place, the root neck of the seedlings must be deepened by 3-4 cm and pinched over 1-2 pairs of leaves, for better branching of the shoots. It is undemanding to soils, prefers a sunny location. In the first year after planting in the ground, the root system of the plant is darkened.
Care: regular abundant watering, fertilizing (from April to July - every four weeks), loosening, mulching the soil and, of course, installing supports. Does not tolerate moisture stagnation. For the winter, the plant is covered with leaves, not earlier than the soil freezes 3-5 cm. When grown in containers, old shoots are cut at a height of 30 cm to improve branching.
Flowering: the next year after germination from June to September.

Traveller's Joy, Old Man's Beard.

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