Clematis fusca
Clematis fusca. Very winter-hardy, fast-growing perennial vine. The shape and colour of the flowers: purple-violet bells. Natural flowering period: July - August. The height of a flowering plant is 150 cm (up to 250 cm). Winter hardiness zones: ..
Downy clematis (mix)
Downy clematis (mixture of colours) - Clematis Macropetala-Hybr. Climbing perennial plant from the Ranunculaceae family. Homeland: Eastern Siberia, the Far East, northeast China and north Korea (forest edges, rocks, northern slopes). Lia..
Fragrant Virgin's Bower
Fragrant Virgin's Bower - Clematis flammula. Perennial vine up to 2 m high. The flowers are white, with a strong fragrance (reminiscent of almonds mixed with vanilla). Vigorous climber, covered with a cloud of fragrant, star-shaped, white flow..
Golden Clematis "Radar Love" (Lemon Peel Clematis, golden virgin's bower)
Lemon Peel Clematis "Radar Love" (Golden Clematis, golden virgin's bower) - Clematis tangutica. Beautifully flowering perennial liana with drooping bright yellow inflorescences up to 4 cm in diameter. Origin: Mongolia and China. ..
Hyacinth-flower clematis (shrubby clematis)
Shrubby clematis - Clematis heracleifolia. Flower colour: indigo blue. Flowering plant height: 80 cm. Natural flowering period: August - September.  Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z7. 1.0 g = 400-450 seeds. Eng.: Shrubby clematis, bus..
Italian vine bower (Italian Leather Flower) Clematis viticella
Italian Leather Flower (Italian vine bower) - Clematis viticella. Sea of flowers! Frost and disease resistant! Vigorous perennial climber from the Ranunculaceae family. Origin: Southern Europe, sometimes Central Europe (mountainous regions, forest..
Japanese clematis
Japanese clematis - Clematis stans. A hardy and easy to care for perennial herbaceous plant. This clematis is not able to cling to a support on its own, so the shoots are tied up. From August to September, the liana is covered with numerous pale b..
Leatherleaf clematis (sweet autumn virginsbower, yam-leaved clematis)
Sweet autumn virginsbower - Clematis paniculata. Frost-resistant climbing vine. Flowering plant height: 200-500 cm. Origin: New Zealand. Flower color: pure white. Natural flowering period: August - October. Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z9. Soi..
Old Man's Beard (Traveller's Joy)
Traveller's Joy (Old Man's Beard) - Clematis vitalba. A bunch of pearly flowers! Lush bloom! Vigorous climbing liana, up to 5 meters long. There are 250-1200 flowers on the shoot. The plant is winter-hardy, shade-tolerant and unp..
Six Petal Clematis "Mongolian snowflakes"
Six Petal Clematis "Mongolian snowflakes" - Clematis hexapetala. Unpretentious, drought-resistant, frost-resistant. Homeland: south of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, Northwest China, northeast Mongolia (slopes, dunes, grassy areas). U..
Solitary clematis "Mongolian Bells" (Border clematis)
Border clematis "Mongolian Bells" - Clematis integrifolia. Perennial compact clematis with large bell-shaped flowers. Origin: Mongolia. Plant height up to 35 cm. Flower diameter up to 5 cm. Flower color: a mixture of pink, white, l..
Upright virgin's bower (Flammula jovis)
Flammula jovis (Upright virgin's bower) - Clematis mandschurica. Homeland: south of the Far East, Northeast China. Herbaceous perennial vine from the Ranunculaceae family. Flower colour: white. The flowers are open, up to 2 cm ..
​​​​​​​Upright virgin's bower "Purpurea" (flammula jovis)
Flammula jovis "Purpurea" (Upright virgin's bower) - Clematis recta. An ornamental climbing perennial from the Ranunculaceae family. Fragrant flower color: white. Flower diameter up to 3.5 cm. Flowering plant height: u..
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