Phaseolus vulgaris var. vulgaris
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Climbing french bean "Goldmarie" (Snap bean).
Climbing plants, up to 3 m high, need support.
Features of agricultural technology: for open ground.
Maturing terms: early ripening - vegetative period of 70-80 days.
Fruit: beans 22-25 cm long and 20-30 mm wide, juicy, tender. There is no parchment layer and fiber in the beans. Taste is high.
Usage: for home cooking, marinating, freezing.
1,0 g = 3-5 seeds.

* Bean is a heat-loving plant, the seeds germinate only when the soil temperature is not lower than + 9 + 10 ° C, so beans are sown at the same time as cucumbers.
The site is chosen warm, sunny, fertile, protected from the winds.
In conditions of unstable summer weather, gardeners of the Non-Black Earth Region prefer to grow bush beans. Sow it in four rows in the garden. The distance between the rows is 35 cm. Two seeds are placed in each hole, with a concave edge down, so that it is easier for the germinal roots to penetrate the soil, and for the cotyledon leaves to break out into the light. Close up the seeds shallowly: 2–3 cm.
Sugar bean varieties are harvested two to three weeks after flowering. The beans are selectively plucked so that they do not age and become coarse on the bushes.
Curly beans differ from bush beans: their stems are very long and need support. For this, stakes are placed before sowing.
Seeds are sown in nests: 5-7 pieces. The hole is made near the supports. Sometimes curly beans are planted near arbors, thus turning them into green cascades.
Curly beans are demanding on heat and yield later than bush beans. To get bean seeds, some of the early beans are left on the plants. The beans are harvested when they not only develop, but also dry out.

Pole bean, Snap Bean. Bot.: Phaseolus vulgaris var. vulgaris.

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