Dianthus caryophyllus var. chabauda
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Divine flower "Picotee" (mix) - Dianthus caryophyllus var. chabauda.
Gorgeous flower for cut! Beautiful aroma of inflorescences on strong stems.
Perennial grown in our cool climate as an annual.
A mixture of spectacular colors with a classic form of inflorescence with a diameter of about 6-7 cm. Forms fairly compact bushes 60 cm high.
Luxurious colors and magnificent aroma are complemented by a large number of densely double inflorescences, long flowering and unpretentiousness of plants.
Grows well in containers. Favorite specimens can be kept in a pot in the winter and cut off in the spring for cultivation next season.
A high border, flowerpots and flower beds will be beautifully decorated if a carnation is planted there. Cut flowers will decorate your home for a long time.
Sowing: January-February for seedlings at a temperature of +12+15°C.
Seedlings are recommended to dive twice: in the phase of cotyledons in boxes and in April in the phase of 2-3 pairs of true leaves in pots or peat-humus cubes.
After picking, the temperature is maintained at +18+20°C. In the phase of five pairs of leaves, seedlings are pinched to enhance branching.
In May, seedlings are planted in open ground with a clod of earth at a distance of 25-40 cm.
Care: so that the shoots do not lie down, it is necessary to arrange supports. In the budding phase and at the beginning of flowering, top dressing with complex mineral fertilizers is necessary.
To obtain especially large flowers, it is necessary to remove the side shoots and buds, leaving one central one. Prefers light, fertile soils.
Flowering: July - October (5.5-6 months after sowing).
The flowering bush is unusually beautiful, few plants are comparable in decorativeness with this garden variety.

Clove pink, border carnation, divine flower.

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