Chrysanthemum carinatum
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Tricolor daisy (mixture) - Chrysanthemum carinatum.
Elegant flowers throughout the summer.
Densely branched, annual plants 50-100 cm high with tricolor flowers of white, yellow, pink and red.
It is characterized by rapid growth and early, long flowering (from June to October).
Used for planting in flower beds, in mixed groups, discounts and for cutting.
The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant, rather drought-resistant. Prefers light moderately fertile soils.
Seeds are sown in April in seedlings, lightly sprinkled with earth. At a soil temperature of +18+25 °C shoots appear on the 10-18th day.
They are planted in a permanent place in mid-May, direct sowing into the ground is possible in early May. The distance between plants is 35-40 cm.

Eng.: Tricolor daisy, tricolor chrysanthemum. Suom.: Kirjopäivänkakkara. Sven.: Ringkrage. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum tricolor Andr., Ismelia carinata (Schousb.), Glebionis carinatum.

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