Dianthus caryophyllus var. schabaud
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Chabaud clove pink "White" - Dianthus caryophyllus var. schabaud.
Plants 50 cm high, erect. The flowers are fragrant double, up to 6 cm in size. Up to 20 flowers are formed on one plant per season.
Seeds in January-early February are sown in boxes, and in May they are planted in a permanent place. The distance between plants is 30 cm.
Pretty cold hardy. It grows well in open sunny places, on loamy, fertile, sufficiently moist, but not damp soils. To prolong flowering, after the first frost, cloves are dug up, planted in pots and placed in cool, bright rooms.
Used for cutting, as an autumn potted crop, for planting in flowerbeds and flower beds.
Growing conditions.
Perennial grown as an annual or biennial.
Sowing for seedlings: at the optimum germination temperature of +18+20 °C, seedlings appear in 7-14 days. The recommended temperature for plant growth is +12+15 °C.

Eng.: Clove pink, border carnation, divine flower. Suom.: Tarhaneilikka. Sven.: Trädgårdsnejlika.

* If you have never tried to "preserve" the aroma of flowering roses, then during the flowering of the bush (the stronger the variety of the plant smells, the better), pick fresh petals and pickle.
To do this, they must be placed in a glass hermetically sealed vessel. The petals should be thickly sprinkled with salt, tamped well, and then close in the jar. In a few days, it will be enough to lift the lid - and the room will be filled with the smell of roses.
The "salted" aroma is preserved for a long time in a sealed container in a dark, cool place. If you collect rose petals at the time of their flowering, then your house will be filled with aroma on festive holidays and for the arrival of guests.

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