Celosia spicata L.
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Cockscomb "Flamingo" - Celosia spicata.
Unusual and effecticul!
Plant height 80 cm.
One has only once to see her velvety exotic inflorescences in all their glory to fall in love with this "desperate fashionista" forever ...
Plants retain their decorative effect for a long time and look great in the most exquisite flower arrangements, coloring flower beds, rabatki, garden pots and flowerpots. Cut and carefully dried inflorescences will perfectly retain their original color until spring in original bouquets.
Sowing: March - early April in boxes or warm greenhouses for seedlings (it is possible to sow seeds directly into the ground). 1,0 g = 1200 seeds.
Seedlings dive twice. In open ground, seedlings are planted after the end of the frost at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other in warm, sunny places, protected from the wind with fertile soil.
Care: moderate watering, does not tolerate fresh organic fertilizers. For feeding, it is good to use a complex mineral fertilizer.
Flowering: from July to frost.

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