Coleus blumei
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Coleus "Kong Red".
An annual plant with attractive large pointed leaves. Dark red with light green edges. It grows up to 46-51 cm in height and covers the volume up to 38-46 cm in width.

Eng.: Coleus, Flame nettle, menthol plant. Suom.: Kirjopeipit. Sven.: Palettblad. Bot. syn.: Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.), Calchas acuminatus (Benth.), Calchas atropurpureus, Calchas crispipilus, Calchas scutellarioides, Coleus acuminatus, Coleus atropurpureus, Coleus blancoi Benth., Coleus crispipilus (Merr.), Coleus formosanus Hayata, Coleus gaudichaudii Briq., Coleus gibbsiae S.Moore, Coleus grandifolius Benth.

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