Rudbeckia hirta L.
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Coneflower "Gloria Daisy" - Rudbeckia hirta.

Abundantly flowering plant with large inflorescences-baskets. Stems erect, branched, 60-80 cm high.
Flowering is early, plentiful and long: from June to the frosts.
Rudbeckia prefer open, sunny places without stagnant water. They tolerate rain and wind well. Grow fast.
Great for group plantings in flower beds and high borders. Can also be grown in container culture.

Eng.: Cone-Flower. Suom.: Kesäpäivänhattu. Sven.: Sommarrudbeckia, sträv rudbeckia. Bot. syn.: Rudbeckia amplectens, Rudbeckia monticola Small, Rudbeckia serotina Nutt.

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