Coleus x hybrida
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Hybrid coleus "Rococo" colour mix (flame nettle) - Coleus blumei.
Decorative summer with bright leaves.
A variety with a special curly leaf. It blooms modestly, it is recommended to pinch the inflorescence for better growth.
Suitable for edging, amplitudes and garden vases of summer flower clogs. Grows very well even in indoor conditions.
Very cold delicate must be planted outdoors after night frosts. A lush plant needs enough moisture to grow, it does not tolerate overheating. The best place is sunny but open, then the leaf will be coloured better.
It is recommended to grow plants in advance. Sow in February or March. Seeds grow better in the dark.

Fame nettle, menthol plant Kirjopeipit Palettblad Hübriidkirinõges Wizard Колеус декоративный

Eng.: Coleus, flame nettle, menthol plant. Suom.: Kirjopeipit. Sven.: Palettblad. Bot.syn.: Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.) R.Br., Solenostemon blumei (Benth.), Solenostemon scutellarioides (L.), Soleirolia blumei (Benth.).

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