Papaver rhoeas L.
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Flanders poppy "Shirley Double" (mix).
This plant is also called "silk poppy". Belongs to the Poppy family. It has an erect stem 50-60 cm high, covered with bristly hairy pubescence.
Leaves are pinnate-lobed with whole or toothed lobes. Flowers up to 7-10 cm, terry, of various colors, monochromatic, with a red border or stripe on the petals. Blooms in May - June. It is undemanding to the soil and blooms profusely in well-lit places. Propagated by seeds, well renewed by self-sowing.
Sow in the early spring or before winter, after mixing the seeds with sand in a ratio of 1:10. Seedlings appear on 7-12 days, they are thinned out, leaving 15-20 cm between plants. Poppies do not tolerate thickening. Bloom 50-55 days after sowing. To extend the flowering period, re-sowing is carried out in 20-30 days.
Grown in mixborders, groups, bright flower beds, landscape gardens.

Papaver rhoeas, Kukemagun

Corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, Flanders poppy, coquelicot. Papaver rhoeas L.

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