Lactuca sativa longifolia
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Cos Lettuce "Galander".
Crunchy and very juicy - the base of the legendary Caesar salad and the best choice for sandwiches.
Medium early Roman lettuce variety. Grow within 65-75 days after seeding. Oblong head with crunchy pale green leaves. The variety is resistant to the formation of radish weed. Cultivated for summer and autumn harvest. Begin to germinate, when the soil heats up to +4ºC. Grow best in humus rich, water-permeable soil.
Romaine (or romano) salad refers to the head lettuce subspecies. A head of kos-lettuce is distinguished by its friability and delicate nutty taste of its juicy leaves.
Very light and moisture-loving. It grows well on fertile, air- and water-permeable sandy or light loamy soils with neutral acidity (pH 6-6.8).

* Romaine lettuce is sown from early July to late August for autumn consumption.
The seeding rate of head varieties with one breakthrough is up to 2 kg / ha, with two - 2.5-3.0 kg / ha.
With a seedless growing method, double thinning is carried out. The seeding rate of leaf varieties with continuous sowing is 4-7 kg / ha.
The seedling method of growing is used to obtain an early harvest. First, seedlings are grown, which are then dived into pots or peat-melted cups ranging in size from 3x3 to 6x6 cm, depending on the preparation period for seedlings. To obtain seedlings, seeds are sown 30 ... 35 days before planting in the field. 0.5 g of seeds are sown in one box (20 ... 25x40 cm). At a temperature of + 20 + 22 ° C, seedlings appear in 2-3 days, after which the temperature is reduced to + 10 + 12 ° C. In the phase of a true leaf, seedlings dive into cubes or pots, pre-watered abundantly. When planting, the cube is deepened no more than two-thirds of the height.
Crop care consists in shallow loosening of row spacings, weeding and watering in dry weather. The irrigation regime affects the concentration of nitrate ions in plants, especially at high temperatures. During the formation of heads of cabbage, irrigation is carried out only along the furrows.
Harvesting is carried out in the evening or early morning, when the plants are cooled and therefore better keep their fresh presentation.
According to its properties, romaine is similar to late-ripening varieties of head lettuce, but differs from them in unpretentiousness, resistance to shooting, and longer storage time.
Roman salad is cold-resistant, well-seasoned seedlings can withstand temperatures as low as –3 ° C. But during the period of head formation, even the lightest frosts have a negative effect on the further growth of plants.
Roman lettuce is very picky about high light levels, although it can adapt to very little shade. Shaded areas will not work for it, because with a lack of light, the heads of cabbage are small and very loose.
Roman salad is picky about high soil moisture, but does not tolerate waterlogging, since prolonged rains lead to decay of plants. At the same time, a lack of moisture in the soil negatively affects the size and density of the head of cabbage and can cause premature stemming of plants. At the same time, the leaves are very bitter and not suitable for everyone's taste.

Eng.: Cos lettuce. Bot.: Lactuca sativa longifolia.

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