Lactuca sativa L. longifolia
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Cos lettuce "Bionda Lentissima a Montare" (Roman lettuce) - Lactuca sativa longifolia.
Medium late variety. Heads of cabbage are elongated-oval, very large: weighing 400-500 grams. The leaves are bright green, crispy, with a good taste.
Grown for the spring and autumn harvest. An excellent dietary product for baby food.

* The homeland of this plant is the island of Kos from the Greek archipelago, therefore it is no coincidence that in England it is called "kos-salad".
In terms of biological characteristics, it is very similar to the head lettuce, but differs from it in the shape of the leaves and the head.
Its leaves are from light green to dark, grayish green, erect, harsh, up to 30 cm long and up to 12 cm wide, fleshy, crispy, juicy, directed vertically upward.
Leaves form large, loose heads of cabbage, elongated-oval, sometimes two heads of cabbage in one rosette. Moreover, the plant itself rather weakly curls the head of cabbage, and for better performance this is done artificially, tying the leaves above the center of the plant. These heads of cabbage have an exceptionally high taste and are in great demand in the USA and Western Europe.
According to its properties, romaine is similar to late-ripening varieties of head lettuce, but differs from them in unpretentiousness, resistance to shooting, and longer storage time.
Roman salad is cold-resistant, well-seasoned seedlings can withstand temperatures as low as -3 ° C. But during the period of head formation, even the lightest frosts have a negative effect on the further growth of plants.
Roman lettuce is very picky about high light levels, although it can adapt to very little shade. Shaded places are not suitable for him, since with a lack of light, the heads of cabbage form small and very loose.
Like all head salads, Roman salad is picky about high soil moisture, but does not tolerate waterlogging, since prolonged rains lead to decay of plants.
At the same time, a lack of moisture in the soil negatively affects the size and density of the head of cabbage and can cause premature stemming of plants. At the same time, the leaves are very bitter and not suitable for everyone's taste.

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