Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Cosmea "Velouette" (mix of colours) - Cosmos bipinnatus.
A low-growing variety of a popular summer plant. The bushes are graceful, 60-80 cm high, with openwork foliage and numerous peduncles. They are abundantly decorated with large (Ø 10-12 cm) inflorescences - baskets from July until the end of the season.
The plants are quite unpretentious, cold-resistant, light-loving, and can withstand transplanting well at a young age. Resistant to diseases, pests and adverse weather.
Used for group planting in flower beds, suitable for growing in containers.
Sowing seeds in open ground in April-May. The seeds are lightly pressed into the substrate, without sprinkling soil on top, because they germinate in the light. The seedlings are thinned out or planted.
It is possible to sow seedlings from March to mid-April.

Eng.: cosmea, garden cosmos. Bot. syn.: Cosmea bipinnata Willd.

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