Cosmos sulphureus L.
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Sulphur cosmos "Redcrest" - Cosmos sulphureus.
An unpretentious and cold-resistant annual, reaching the greatest decorative effect in sunny places. Used for planting in flower beds, in large groups and for cutting.
Planting methods: open ground, seedlings.
Sowing is carried out in April in open ground, the seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth, keeping a distance of 20-30 cm during planting. For earlier flowering, sowing on seedlings in March is possible. At a temperature of +18 +25 °C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day.
Blooming time: June, July, August, September.
Plant height: 60 cm.
Distance between plants: 20-30 cm.
1,0 g =120 seeds.

* Klondike cosmos - Cosmos sulphureus Cav.
This type of cosmos is widespread in nature in Latin America (southern regions of Mexico), where it grows together with double-feathered cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus), hot places in Central and northern South America.
Due to its tropical origin, it is very thermophilic and, if the summer turns out to be cold and humid, it suffers greatly. In culture, since 1799.
Location: light-loving plants, cold-resistant.
Soil: undemanding to the soil, but grows best on loose and rich in nutrients.
Care: timely and regular watering, wilted inflorescences are immediately removed - this stimulates the formation of new buds. Tall varieties are tied to stakes driven into the soil. On nutrient-rich soils, they are fed every 6-8, and on poor soils every 3-4 weeks with a solution of complete mineral fertilizer.
Reproduction: seeds. Sowing is done in April in open ground or cold greenhouses. Seedlings are sown from March to mid-April. Only press the seeds into the substrate, without sprinkling the soil on top, since they need light for germination. At a temperature of 15-18 degrees, seedlings appear in 1-2 weeks. Seedlings are planted in place in May at a distance of 30-35 cm. Transplant is well tolerated.
Usage: recommended for large groups near fences and walls, rarely for cutting.
Partners: combined with variegated annuals, matching colors (verbena, turkish carnations, phlox), also with chamomile, marigolds and dimorphoteka. A good silvery-white duet from a two-year-old eryngium and white-flowered cosmos.

Eng.: Sulphur cosmos, Klondike cosmos. Suom.: Keltakosmos. Sven.: Gullskära.

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