Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Garden cosmos "BonBon" - Cosmos bipinnatus.
New, magnificent, terry and semi-double cosmos!
Ornamental plant with openwork heavily dissected leaves, about 90 cm high.
Inflorescences - terry and semi-double baskets with a diameter of 10 cm.
They look great in flower beds and borders, especially in large arrays. Great cutting material!
Agricultural technology.
The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant. It is not demanding on soils but grows best on light soils.
Sowing of seeds is carried out in April-May directly in open ground. 1.0 g = 150 pieces. Seeding depth 1 cm.
At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear in 8-14 days.
For earlier flowering, seedlings can be sown in March. The distance between plants is 30-35 cm.

Tall cosmos, cosmea, garden cosmos. Bot.syn.: Cosmea bipinnata.

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