Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Cosmos "Apricotta" - Cosmos bipinnatus.
Cosmic beauty - corrugated flowers with a dark purple base abundantly cover the branched stems, and the openwork bushes of the popular cosmea are adorned with inflorescences with a surprisingly sophisticated color: strokes of apricot hues gently lie on the peach-pink petals of the inflorescences...
The height of the bush is 50-80 centimeters. Pinch the bush once when it reaches about 30 cm in height to increase bushiness and get more flower stalks.
Ease of cultivation and long-term abundant flowering make this cosmos an indispensable border annual, as it is not picky about the soil, and for long-term flowering, it is only recommended to remove faded baskets or cut for bouquets.
It is used in groups in flowerbeds, flowerbeds, lawns, as well as for cutting.

Cocmos Apricotta Kosmos Космея абрикосовая Rosenkära Punakosmoskukka

Tall cosmos, cosmea, garden cosmos.

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