Celosia argentea L. var. cristata
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Crested cockscomb "Coral Garden" mix - Celosia cristata nana.
An excellent ornamental perennial, grown as an annual in our cool climate.
Stems are erect and juicy. Leaves are oval, pointed, green, variegated or dark purple.
The flowers are exotic, small, collected in dense massive inflorescences with deep convolutions along the upper edge, resembling a cockscomb, with a very diverse colouration: from pink, orange, yellow to red and purple-red ...
Decorative and unpretentious cockscomb will become a real decoration of flower beds and flower beds, and in winter you can enjoy original flower arrangements, since dried inflorescences perfectly retain their original color until spring!
Plant height 25-35 cm.

Celosia cristata Madal mätashari

Madal mätashari  Celosia cristata

Eng.: Crested cockscomb, cresto de gallo. Suom.: Kukonharja. Sven.: Tuppkam. Bot. syn.: Celosia argentea L. var. cristata (L.) O.Kuntze.

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