Trifolium incarnatum L.
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Italian clover "Incarnato" - Trifolium incarnatum L.
100.0 g = 50-60 m2.
An annual species of clover is an ornamental, fodder, medicinal, green manure and melliferous plant of the legume family.
The plant is low and unbranched. Plant height: 20-50 cm. Leaves are trifoliate with a long petiole, hairy leaves, with a truncated top.
Blooms during spring and summer. The flowers are rich red, collected in an elongated head.
Incarnate clover is widely grown as a protein-rich feed for cattle and other domestic animals. It is also good as an ornamental plant.
It is a valuable honey plant: honey from it is of very high quality.
Cultivated for pet food, used as a green manure fertilizer.
The culture is wintering, but weakly winter-hardy. It is sown without a cover (preferably in autumn), since it gives a low yield during spring sowing. It can be sown in a mixture with winter vetch.
Does not tolerate wet, acidic soils. Crops are mowed at the beginning of flowering, as later the food quickly coarsens. The use of the herbage is one-cut, because after mowing it does not grow again.
Clover meat-red is also used in ornamental gardening. It is excellent for landscaping large lawns, near-stem circles, and is also part of a variety of lawn mixtures.
Seeding rate: 17-28 kg/ha.
Yield of green mass:
* when sown in spring: 3000-4000 kg/ha;
* when sown in summer (mid-August): 5000-6000 kg/ha.

Trifolium incarnatum (Kahkjaspunane ristik)

Kahkjaspunane ristik (Trifolium incarnatum)
Crimson clover, Italian clover, Carnatum clover.

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