Trifolium alexandrinum L.
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Berseem clover "Alex" (Egyptian clover) - Trifolium alexandrinum.
Egyptian clover is an annual plant that is used as an intermediate green manure crop that improves soil fertility and suppresses weeds.
Due to the property of rhizomes to bind atmospheric nitrogen, nodule bacteria are produced that enrich the soil with nitrogen.
The color of the inflorescences is white.
Plant height 30-60 cm.

Aleksandria ristik "Alex" Egiptuse ristik 

A garden bed left empty for some reason quickly becomes overgrown with weeds. To prevent this, plant white clover in such a bed, it will improve the soil and save you from exhausting weed control.
Clover can be sown both in early spring, and throughout the summer and even before winter. So that the plants quickly occupy the entire allotted area, they sow in rows with row spacing of 10-15 cm. The seeds are covered with a rake to a depth of 1-1.5 cm.
This plant is amazingly unpretentious, winter-hardy, tolerates temporary flooding with melt water and grows well with high standing groundwater. Prefers open sunny places and not too acidic soils.

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