Lactuca sativa var. secalina
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Iceberg lettuce "Great Lakes 118" - Latuca sativa L.
Large-sized variety for summer-autumn use. The growing season is 85-90 days. The leaves are bright green, dense, corrugated, crunchy, sweet taste, keep fresh for a long time. Head weight - 250-350 g. Stalks resistant even in warm weather.
Growing conditions. Cold-resistant and light-loving culture, tolerates frosts down to -5 ° С. Grows well on light, fertile, cultivated, moist soils. For uninterrupted production, sowing is recommended at intervals of 15-20 days.

Eng.: Iceberg lettuce. Suom.: Jääsalaatti ("rapea keräsalaatti"). Sven.: Sallat Isbergs-.

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