Cucumis sativus L.
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Pickling cucumber "Charlotte" F1 - Smooth type. 
Non-parthenocarpic. Easy to pick up, very early, concentrated fruit set.
Plant vigour: compact. Length/Width - 3,6:1. 
CMV (cucumis mosaic virus) and CC (Scab) resistance.
Extremely early multi-fruit type variety (3-4 cucumbers per each internode). It produces very nice, long and thin fruits. Thanks to not strong growth vigour fruits are easy to harvest.
"CHARLOTTE" is very suitable for growing on Vertico system (plants trained to grow vertically up a net).

Cucumber Charlotte F1 Kurk

A very early hybrid of small-thorned cucumber with excellent fruit set. The hybrid is bee-pollinated. The bush is compact.


Did you know that... in temporary film shelters-tunnels, cucumbers are grown without formation.
Cucumber lashes cannot be turned over and shifted from place to place - this reduces the yield. This applies to all varieties and hybrids of cucumber.
In addition to observing agrotechnical practices when growing cucumbers, in order to obtain high yields, it is necessary to choose the right varieties.

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