Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Green River" F1 - hybrid with long fruits.
Early ripe (44-48 days) parthenocarpic hybrid for open ground and film shelters. The plant is vigorous, weakly climbing, predominantly with a female type of flowering. 
Fruits are elongated-cylindrical, dark green, with delicate thin skin, with a small seed chamber, 30-35 cm long, weighing 150-200 g, excellent sweet taste, very fragrant.
Productivity is 10-12 kg/m2.
The value of the hybrid: resistance to powdery mildew, cold resistance, shade tolerance, long and continuous fruiting period.

Salad cucumber. 

How to reduce soil acidity?
Liming. At the same time, work is recommended to be done in the fall. In the absence of lime, it can be replaced with wood ash, dolomite flour or chalk. Before digging the soil, crushed lime material should be evenly distributed over the entire area and dug into the soil to the depth of the roots. Norm: from 600 g to 1 kg of ameliorant per 1 m2, depending on the acidity of the soil.
Chalk take 10–20 kg per hundred square meters if the soil is light, and 15–20 kg if the soil is heavy. It is better to apply 2/3 doses for digging beds, and 1/3 for rakes, repeating liming after 5-6 years. Doses can be reduced to 2–3 kg if applied annually to rows before sowing or planting vegetable plants, and together with peat, humus or simply with earth in a ratio of 1:2. Liming is necessary for cucumbers, onions and beets.
If wood ash is introduced, then spruce ash is taken twice as much as lime or chalk, and birch and pine ash - one and a half times.

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