Dahlia variabilis
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Dahlia "Collarette Dandy" (mix) - Dahlia variabilis.
Dahlia with a variable collar is a vigorous annual plant that produces many colorful flower baskets of an original shape. Reaches a height of about 40-50 cm.
Its characteristic feature is a greatly enlarged outer whorl of tubular flowers, forming a colorful collar around the remaining yellow flowers.
Dahlia is grown both in soil and in containers, including flower beds and pots. The seeds should be sown under a canopy, and in May, when the danger of morning frost has passed, the seedlings should be placed in the ground. The recommended spacing for this grade is 400 x 500 mm.
Dandy should be dry and completely sunny, with fertile, humus and well-drained soil. In the case of a partially darkened place, there should also be no special problems.
Dahlias can also be used as cut flowers. One of the decisive factors for its selection is the relatively easy cultivation and low environmental requirements. Blooms from June to October.
By choosing to combine it with other plants, we can get some very interesting effects.

Eng.: Dahlia. Suom.: Daalia. Sven.: Dahlia.

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