Dahlia "Collarette Dandy" (mix)
Dahlia "Collarette Dandy" (mix) - Dahlia variabilis. Dahlia with a variable collar is a vigorous annual plant that produces many colorful flower baskets of an original shape. Reaches a height of about 40-50 cm. Its characteristic fea..
Dahlia "Diablo" (mix)
Dahlia "Diablo" (double mix) - Dahlia variabilis. This spectacular mixture is distinguished by very early and abundant flowering: bright double inflorescences framed by dense emerald green foliage on strong flower stalks look great bo..
Dahlia "Extreme" (mix)
Dahlia dwarf "Extreme" (mixture of colors) - Dahlia variabilis. Plants with a compact bush up to 35 cm high. A mixture of high quality terry and semi-double varieties in rich colors. Differs in abundant flowering throughout the summer. T..
Dahlia "Garden Pride" (mix)
Dahlia "Garden Pride" (mixture of colours) - Dahlia variabilis. A colourful semi-double undersized blend. Height 25-35 cm. Diameter 6 cm. A charming early-flowering dahlia mix with a compact bush shape and large double and semi-doub..
Dahlia "Mignon" (mix)
Dahlia "Mignon" (mix). Spectacular and cheerful, undersized dahlias! Plants are compact: 35-45 cm high. In the climatic conditions of Estonia, it is grown as an annual. Inflorescences simple and semi-double, bright pink. The diameter of t..
Dahlia "Piccolo" (low mix)
Dahlia "Piccolo" (mix) - Dahlia variabilis. This bright mixture of dwarf varieties of the annual dahlia deserves special attention, because these "funny guys" are not inferior to their perennial relatives in decorativeness a..
Dahlia "Semi-complete mix"
Dahlia "Semi-complete mix" - Dahlia variabilis. This is a collection of the most beautiful short varieties of annual dahlias with abundant inflorescences in a wide range of beautiful, rich colors. Plants 40-50 cm high, decorative due ..
Dahlia "Unwin" mix
Dahlia "Unwins" mixture. Spectacular terry inflorescences of various colors. Plant 35-45 cm high. Reed flowers are wide flat. Blooms profusely throughout the summer. Used in flower beds in large groups, for borders and borders. Eng...
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