Dahlia variabilis
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Dahlia "Mignon" (mix).
Spectacular and cheerful, undersized dahlias!
Plants are compact: 35-45 cm high. In the climatic conditions of Estonia, it is grown as an annual. Inflorescences simple and semi-double, bright pink. The diameter of the inflorescence is 6-8 cm. It blooms 2-3 months after sowing. Flowering is plentiful until autumn frosts. They are used in monocultural flower beds, mixborders, on discounts, for landscaping balconies, for making bouquets and cutting.
Agricultural technology.
Dahlias love abundant watering and top dressing. Seeds are sown in March in seedling boxes. Planting depth is 0.3-0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. Seedlings dive into pots. Seedlings are planted at the end of spring frosts (at the end of May), maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm.

Eng.: Dahlia. Suom.: Daalia. Sven.: Dahlia.


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