Raphanus sativus L. subsp. acanthiformis
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Oriental radish "Mino Early" (daikon) - Raphanus sativus L. subsp. acanthiformis.
Suitable for long-term storage.
An early ripening variety (from full sprouting to the beginning of technical ripeness 55-60 days).
The root crop is elongated-cylindrical, with a smooth surface, white, 40-50 cm long. It is immersed in the soil for 2/3 of the root crop length, easily pulled out during harvesting.
The pulp of the root vegetable is juicy, tender, snow-white, of excellent taste.
Recommended for fresh use and long-term storage.
Oriental radish is a valuable low-calorie dietary vegetable. It is useful for overweight, for the prevention of cardiovascular, colds, promotes the proper functioning of the intestines.
Sowing in open ground in the second half of July in holes of 2-4 pieces to a depth of 2-3 cm. 1,0 g = 60-100 seeds. Sowing pattern 60x30 cm.
In the phase of 2-3 true leaves, the plants are thinned out. Harvesting begins before the onset of frost. Root crops are stored in the sand.

Японская редька, Дайкон, Oriental radish, Daikonrättika, Japaninretikka, Jaapani rõigas, Daikon
Oriental Radish, daikon.

* It should be noted that the daikon does not accumulate heavy metal salts, nitrates and toxic compounds in its plant parts,
therefore, mineral fertilizing is only beneficial for the culture, being well split by biological cells and nourishing the root crop.

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