Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
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Daisy-chrysanthemum max - Chrysanthemum maximum.
For flower beds and bouquets.
A popular winter-hardy perennial with large inflorescences-baskets Ø11-13 cm. The stems are straight, strong, up to 80 cm high.
Flowering is abundant, long - from mid-summer to frost.
Plants are unpretentious, prefer sunny places with fertile, moderately moist soils.
They look good in group plantings in flower beds, against the background of shrubs, in high borders along the paths.
The variety gives excellent material for cutting, inflorescences stand in water for 9-10 days.
Sowing seeds directly in open ground before winter, at the end of October, or in early spring.
It is possible to sow seedlings in March, with planting seedlings in a permanent place at the end of May.
Regular watering, weeding, loosening and top dressing are necessary. Adult bushes every 2 years are recommended to rejuvenate by division.

Eng.: Max chrysanthemum, shasta daisy, daisy-chrysanthemum. Suom.: Isopäivänkakkara. Sven.: Jätteprästkrage. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum maximum Ramond.

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