Daisy - max chrysanthemum
Daisy-chrysanthemum max - Chrysanthemum maximum. For flower beds and bouquets. A popular winter-hardy perennial with large inflorescences-baskets Ø11-13 cm. The stems are straight, strong, up to 80 cm high. Flowering is abundant, long ..
Daisy-chrysanthemum "Gigante"
Shasta daisy "Gigante" - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum max. Unpretentious, frost-resistant plant with a straight, slightly branched stem. Plant height is about 70 cm. The leaves are large, dark green. Inflorescences are large baske..
Max chrysanthemum "Shasta daisy"
Daisy-chrysanthemum "Shasta daisy" - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. A perennial plant, which is popularly called "chamomile". Height up to 100 cm. Inflorescences are large (6 cm in diameter) with wide white petals and a yellow..
Oxeyedaisy "Crazy Daisy" (maudlinwort)
Oxeyedaisy "Crazy Daisy" (white weed) - Chrysanthemum maximum flore pleno. A very decorative flower 70-80 cm high. The diameter of the flower is up to 12 cm. It blooms in June - July. Photophilous and cold-resistant, rather drou..
Painted daisy pyrethrum (mix)
Persian daisy (mix) - Chrysanthemum coccineum. Bright and large-flowered perennial "daisies". Homeland - Ciscaucasia, Eastern Transcaucasia. Here in the mountains in late June - early July you can find blooming pyrethrum of all ..
Pyrethrum "Robinson`s Giant" (Persian daisy)
Garden pyrethrum "Robinson`s Giant" (Persian pellitory). A popular variety with large baskets. The plant is about 70 cm high. It blooms from the first half of June during the month. They are used for group plantings in flower beds an..
Shasta daisy "Mayfield"
Shasta daisy "Mayfield". Нивяник "Майфилд" - Leucanthemum maximum. Многолетнее растение с множеством ветвистых стеблей высотой 90 см. Листья стеблевые, нижние черешковые лопатчатые, верхние продолговатые, сидячие, по краям гор..
Shasta daisy "Silver Princess"
Daisy-chrysanthemum "Silver Princess" (shasta daisy) - Chrysanthemum maximum. Unpretentious, popular perennial, blooming in the year of sowing. Forms a lush bush 35 cm tall. Inflorescences Ø5-6 cm traditional white-y..
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