Fragaria x ananassa
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Decorative strawberry "Tarpan" F1.
CHAMPION among the BEST.
An amazing new product for the upcoming season will be a hanging hybrid of garden strawberries. Its worthy decoration was the cascading shoots, decorated with many unusual deep pink semi-double flowers and very large, surprisingly fragrant red elongated berries.
With proper care, Tarpan F1 blooms and bears fruit throughout the season. On the plant at any time you can see flowers, ovaries of varying degrees of development, and ripe berries.
The pulp of the berries has a special aroma, extraordinary sweetness and juiciness.
You can easily grow Tarpan F1 in a pot or container, as well as using a vertical garter of shoots. Thanks to its high decorative qualities and delicious aromatic berries, it will easily turn a balcony or room into a mini-garden, and in the garden it will become a real queen.
The first stage is the preparation of the soil mixture: 3 parts of sand are mixed with 5 parts of humus. The humus should be crumbly. The mixture must be heated in the oven for 3-4 hours, at +90+100°C.
Sowing is carried out in February-March on the surface of slightly compacted and moistened soil. The mixture of seeds and sand should be carefully placed on the resulting surface.
It is necessary to ensure that the seeds do not fall into the depths. Shoots can appear within 30 days, so to speed up seed germination, it is recommended to cover the seed box with polyethylene and place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator at a temperature of +5+7°C for 2-3 days. Then place in +20°C for germination.
In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, seedlings dive into pots and reduce the temperature to +14+16°C. After the plants have 6 true leaves, they can be planted in the ground, with a distance between rows of 25-30 cm, between plants 15-20 cm.
Care comes down to weeding, loosening, watering, fertilizing and protection from diseases and pests. The berries are picked many times as they ripen.

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