Delphinium cultorum
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Larkspur "Multicolor Giant Mix" - Delphinium cultorum.
A popular ornamental plant, 150-180 cm high, develops 8-10 flowering stems. Terry flowers are collected in giant brushes 70-80 cm long.
Blooms in June-July. After the main flowering, flower stalks are cut to cause a second wave of flowering in August-September.
Used for group and single plantings, cut flowers are well preserved in water.
The plant is frost-resistant and drought-resistant. Prefers a sunny location, grows well in nutritious and moderately moist soils.
Propagated by seeds, cuttings and division of rhizomes. Rejuvenation is carried out every 4-5 years by spring division of the bush.
Sowing seeds is carried out in spring or autumn in open ground. 1.0 g = 450 seeds. Seeding depth 0.3-0.5 cm.
At a soil temperature of +10°C shoots appear on the 20-30th day. The distance between plants is 30-40 cm.

Larkspur "Large-Flowered Mixture".

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